Question 1

Which is a common reason women offer their children for adoption?

You’re on the right track!

Question 2

True or False: Birth parents can choose the family that adopts the child.

Yes, great job!

It’s true that the birth mother gets to choose the family that will adopt her baby. Sadly, over one in three birth mothers were not aware of this!

Actually, it's true!

Over one in three mothers thought the same as you; the birth mother does get to decide when it comes to choosing which family will raise her child

Question 3

True or False: The birth mother’s pregnancy is completely paid for by other parties.

That’s correct.

Great job because about half of mothers surveyed didn’t know this.

I’m sorry, this is incorrect.

The truth is, all of a birth mother’s pregnancy costs are covered by other parties so there’s no need to worry about pregnancy costs.

Question 4

True or False: Birth parents can receive private counseling and other emotional support before, during, and after the adoption.


Both professional and nonprofessional counselors are available before, during, and after the adoption. You will not be alone!

No, this is actually true!

Birth parents receive free counseling before, during, and after the adoption. Withyou and your adoption agency partner want to position you for success now and after the adoption. 

Question 5

Offering a child for adoption is really a loving thing to do.


When mothers are not prepared to parent, adoption is often the best choice for both the mother and child. 

While choosing adoption is an incredibly difficult decision, in the end it does create better life opportunities for the child, and the mother. No doubt you will love your child whatever you choose, but know that offering your child for adoption is an very loving and unselfish thing to do.